The Rocket (called Rock-It in the English version) is a mid-range assault class in Final Combat. 
Rockit red

The Rocket (Rock-It) (Red)

Rockit blue

The Rocket (Rock-It) (Blue)

His default equipment is focused entirely on offense.


RPG: The Rocket's default Rocket Launcher. (Cannot rocket jump).

Shotgun: The Rocket's default secondary weapon.

Fireaxe: The Rocket's default melee weapon.

"Cowboy Sheriff Kael": The Rocket's default costume.

Red rocket default

The Rocket (Rock-it) (Red) (new default)

Blue rocket default

The Rocket (Rock-it) (Blue) (new default)

Rockit default loadout

The Rocket (Rock-It) default gear.

Alternate Skins

  • Firefighter (original)
  • Aviator
  • Pirate Captain
  • Assassin
  • Ex-Football Player
  • One-Eyed Pirate
  • Divine Fist
  • DJ
  • Cowboy Cop (current default)
  • Living Weapon

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