While early versions of the game seemed to suggest that the game was running on Valve's Source engine (or an approximation thereof), it is unclear whether or not that remains true.  In addition to typical first-person gameplay, special weapons (which expire after a period unless permanent versions are purchased with real world money) can be purchased and upgraded via crafting.

According to the English Phillipines-based site, the game modes are as follows:

  • OCCUP - In which the two teams vie for control of a single occupation point, featuring the maps Windmill, Gold Farm, Redrock Vale, and Timberland.
  • VEH - In which the two teams race to push a vehicle to the goal, featuring the maps The Sunset, Desert Temple, Pharosshrine, Night Yard, and Royal Corridor.
  • MELEE - In which the only weapons allowed are the ones used in close combat, featuring the maps Pantheon, Desert Temple, Night Town, Warbard (?) Arena, and Wheatfield.
  • ELIM - In which the two teams must kill each other within the time limit, featuring the maps Mystery Knoll, Desert Temple, Summer Yard, Arab Ruins, Warbard Arena, and Egyptian Tomb.
  • BOMB - In which the blue team's goal is to plant a bomb and then defend it until it goes off, while the red team's job is to prevent that at all costs, featuring the maps Stone Vale, Storm City, Sand Bridge, and Arab Ruins.
  • BOSS - In which one player is randomly designated as the "boss", a giant robot with massive offense, defense, and speed and has to hunt down the other players, and the other players try to kill the "boss".